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Kersten UK are leaders in the supply and rental of professional sweeping, facilities, open space and grounds maintenance equipment, including sales and hire of sweepers, snow ploughs and spreaders. Tel Reading 0118 9869 253

Snow plough attachments for Kersten pedestrian machines

Solutions in snow management for pedestrian power units

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Kersten SP85 pedestrian snow plough
A K 820 with snowblade
Kersten offer several machines that can be fitted with the snow plough attachment using the QuickAttach system.
All offer the same Kersten trademarks of robust construction, easy maintenance and simple user controls. Engines range from 5.5 hp on the K-Line 820 to 16 hp on the UBS 16, catering for a very wide range of conditions.
Once you have purchased a Kersten power unit their versatility will allow multiple applications.

Machine range

The UBS power unit with snow blade attachment.

K 820
K 1500 and Pro
K 2000 and Pro
UBS range

Other attachments include

Powered Sweeper/Collector
Salt/Grit Spreader
Reciprocating Knife Mower
Kersten Snow management attachments
Snow Plough 100cm SCHN 085 ST-K 35 Snow Plough/blade 85cm
Quick-attach35 45cm deep fixed blade with rubber edge and height skids
Snow Plough 100cm SCHN 100 ST-K 35 or 70 Snow Plough/blade 100cm
Quick-attach35 OR 70 45cm deep fixed blade with rubber edge and height skids
Snow Plough 125cm SCHN 125 FK-M-KU 70 Snow Plough/blade 125cm
Quick-attach70 45cm deep sprung blade with rubber edge and height skids
100cm Front Sweeping Machine FKM 1050/100E

100cm Front Sweeping Machine
Hydraulic drive quick-attach sweeper with manual angling, side drive hydraulic motor
• Fully adjustable for height and angle
• 37cmØ Suitable for sweeping hard and soft surfaces including artificial sports surfaces.
See K2000 for collectors/sidebrush.
Requires part 2000 490

Snow Blower SCHNFR 70 Snow Blower
Quick-attach 70cm Single stage snow blower with 180° swivelling spout and adjustable skids.
Snow Blower SCHNFR 80 Snow Blower
Quick-attach 80cm Twin stage snow blower with 180° swivelling spout and adjustable skids.
  SCHNK 400 X 8 Snow Chains for wheels 4.00—8
(Wheel weights are recommended for snow products)
  SCHNK 16 X 650 Snow Chains for wheels 16 x 6.50-8
(Wheel weights are recommended for snow products)
  2000 201 Engine Guard
To protect from snow or debris
  BLGW-SCHN-FKE 12kg Implement Weight
(required for snow blades) UBS 9 and 13 requires one. UBS Hydro requires two.

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