Weed Removal

WKBH Weed Clearing Brush WKBH for K1100-K1200-K2000
  • Manual Drive Model WKBH 50
  • Adjustable in 2 Directions
  • Height Adjustable Wheel Within Brush Head
  • Hydraulically Driven
K1200 with WBKH Attachment

Fitted to K1200 offers a self propelled weedbrush. An effective machine with low operator fatigue.

Brushes back edges and removes growth in most hard surfaces. Most importantly The steel brush loosens and removes the soil, moss and other mediums retaining moisture that allow germination and development of unwanted growth.


UBS fitted with WKB 50
ISEKI Iseki fitted with UB50
RENAULT Renault fitted with UB700H
KUBOTA Kubota fitted with UB500

Technical Data

Weeds Remover- Weeds Removal Brush

  WKB 50 UB500 UB 500H UB 700 UB 700H
Plate Dia. 50cm 50cm 50cm 70cm 70cm
Propulsion Mechanical Mechanical Hydraulic Mechanical Hydraulic
Fitting For Single Axle Vehicles Compact Tractors & Utility Vehicles
Adjustment 2 Level 3 Level