FKDR Attachment System

The FKDR allows Kersten front mounted implements to be attached and detached quickly and easily.

The implement may be lifted and lowered, in and out of operation either manually or by a hydraulic system

The implement may be angled left and right either manually or by a hydraulic system

All operations may be carried out from the seat.

The FKDR front linkage is designed expressly for each individual model of mower, mounting securely to the chassis.

The FKDR does not inhibit the usual functions of the mower in any way.

Attachments for the FKDR currently include Snow Blades and Sweepers

John Deere
Stiga Park
Technical Data

Sweeping Machines for ride on mowers up to 22hp

                            Ride on Mower                                                  

   FKM 900HA FKM 1050HA FKM 1255HA
Mode of driving Hydraulic    
Work width 90cm 100cm 125cm
Work width with side brush 115cm 125cm 150cm
Sweeping brush Diameter. 32cm 37cm 37cm
Brush type

Combibrush, Snowbrush, Poly-fullbrush, Poly-steelbrush

PE-plastic collection box

On request

40cm side brush On request
Washing spray injection On request

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